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Ruggies Grip so
Rugs Don't Slip!

Ruggies use technology that suction grips the rugs to the floor. This prevents accidents as well as the look of untidiness in your home.

Ruggies are easy to use, just press and stick! It keeps rugs and mats in place to prevents slips and trips from occuring.


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With so many Ruggies reviews online, we had come across too many offering Ruggies from UNAUTHORIZED websites. If Ruggies is purchased from any site other then the Official web site locations, you are not guaranteed it is authentic!


Finally be 100% safe in the comfort of your own home!



Read what our happy customers have to say!

I finally have found a solution to hold down my rugs. By preventing them from curling my rugs look brand new and much tidier.
Sarah Murphy
I used to slip and slide on my rugs all the time. Ruggies work to hold down my rugs to prevent any injuries from this. Thanks to Ruggies I am no longer worried about sliding.
Taryn Donahue

Tacky Grip Polymer Technology grips the rug, while hundreds of suction pockets grip the floor. They prevent curled corners, bunches, slips and trips.

YES! Please send me Ruggies!

Ruggies are easy to use, just press and stick It keeps rugs and mats in place to prevent trips and slips!

Big Freakin' House

Ruggies Has Many Important Features!

Big Freakin' House

Ruggies grip so rugs don't slip

Prevents curled corners, bunches, slip & trips

Press & stick on hard flooring and even carpeting

Uses Tacky Grip Polymer Technology


Won't leave sticky residue or damage your floor


Won't Damage Your Floor!

Sticky adhesive tapes leave glue and residue behind that can damage floors and are a nightmare to remove. Ruggies soft grip pads stick without glue so to not damage, scratch, scuff any flooring.

If Ruggies lose their grip just simply wash with soap and water, and they are like new!

Why Everyone Should Purchase Ruggies!

No damage to floors

Designed to fit any size rug

Can be reused by simply washing with soap and water


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But wait, THERE'S MORE!

Don't just trust what we have to say about our amazing product. Here's what some other great customers had to say about Ruggies!

Custom fit adhesive pads can be expensive and only designed for one specific rug. Ruggies can be used with any size or shape rug. They also can be reused!

Ryley Smith

Even with two puppies running and sliding, this grips great. With two 50-70 lb puppies, they can run around without me ever being worried about the rugs or them sliding!

Tarah Wilson


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